This Is Synthwave

Neon Pink Cassette

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The genesis of this legendary series.

Originally only on 50 cassettes, it was too good to leave it that way...

19 amazing tracks from, independent, Synthwave artists.

If you have the other volumes, you can't not complete the collection.

Full video playing all the tracks is here:

That this is a low run release, of the highest quality, it has "future collectable" written all over it...


Side A

  1. Candy Apple Blue - It Happens All The Time (Feat. Espen Kraft)
  2. Marble Palace - Alba
  3. Sandor Gavin - Faster Than Light (Million Miles Mix)
  4. 7DD9 - No Sweat Allowed (We Can Do This)
  5. Lwood x Absolute Valentine - Still ill
  6. Neuroslasher - Hello World
  7. Aftermour - New Dawn (Feat. Sakebi)
  8. Saffari - Delta Highway
  9. Megatronix — It Spoke To Us
  10. Tell Me Zombie - Beyond The Rift

Side B

  1. Young Empress - Peacemaker
  2. lonstar - Wolf Squadron
  3. Dark Smoke Signal - December Rose
  4. El Torden - Electrurn
  5. Zajah — Get That Body Movin' (Feat. Chris Dodson)
  6. Starport 13 - Alone
  7. Total Cobra - Distance
  8. Terra Genesis - Death's Door
  9. Villarosso — Sleep (Edit)