This Is Synthwave 3

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The legendary series continues.

20 tracks from upcoming, independent, Synthwave artists.

If you like 80s synth tunes, you're going to love these brand new ones.

Full video playing all the tracks is here:

That this is a low run release, of the highest quality, it has "future collectable" written all over it...

Available as:

  • Double, heavyweight, coloured translucent vinyl album with full colour gatefold sleeve
  • Mastered with our trademarked Quiet Vinyl process, to sound as good as a record can :

*Manufactured with resealable poly bags. Shipped outside of package.


Disc A

  1. Neilio (feat. Sandor Gavin) — Tears Of The Osprey
  2. Infra Violet - Polaroid
  3. Man From Space (feat. Huong Su) — Ugly Heart
  4. THE TlLT - Holy Ground
  5. Lombardo — I Know U R Mine
  6. Chris Skillett - Lovin U
  7. Cosaquitos en Globo — Recall
  8. Cyberflower - Heavy Ride
  9. Aftermour (feat. Sakebi) — Winds Deprive
  10. Death Therapy Cure - (Maybe) Next Year

Disc B

  1. Villarosso (feat. Sandor Gavin) — Couldn't Sleep Last Night
  2. TERROR 84 - Replicant
  3. Georama (feat. Wild Ellie) — Ellie's Delight
  4. Encoder Experiment - Starfighters
  5. Voidrunner — Holding Time In My Hands
  6. QUADRANT77 - No Jacket
  7. All Valley — Nightbreed
  8. SWH (feat. SOIM) - Virtua Music
  9. Corserine — Demon Seed
  10. Lavallette - Ocean Drive