This Is Synthwave 2

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Red Manor Record's first release.

20 tracks from upcoming, independent, Synthwave artists.

If you like 80s synth tunes, you're going to love these brand new ones.

Full video playing all the tracks is here:

Young Empress have already been signed to a major label since this went to press, and many others on this release will break big...making this the first physical release their songs will have featured on.

Add to that, that this will be a low run release, of the highest quality, it has "future collectable" written all over it...

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  • Double, heavyweight, coloured translucent vinyl album with full colour gatefold sleeve


  1. Young Empress - Ghosts
  2. Kev Allan - 1987
  3. Sandor Gavin - Deja Vu
  4. Perceptor - Death By Deadlines
  5. 7DD9 - Driving In Your Town
  6. Kigus - Baby
  7. Neilio - Taxidermy Flute-Cat And The Jazz Animals Of Codwood
  8. Lavalette (feat. Sophia Sorrentino) - Wasted Love
  9. Intaloopa - You Say
  10. Zajah - Heta Drommar (Stummegeist Cerebral Asylum Mix)
  11. Gigolette - Shine
  12. Black Neon Cult - They Live
  13. L'Esprit 83 - Pista Da Ballo
  14. Audiopimp - Heart On Her Sleeve
  15. Betablade - Mr Smith
  16. Abobo - Neon Lights - *NOT ON MINIDISC OR CD VERSIONS*
  17. Saints - The Demon
  18. Villarosso (feat. Megan McDuffee) - Fires In Paradise 2021
  19. Shadowrunner - Vectogram
  20. Neon Boulevard - Synthetic Overload