Shadowrunner: The Stranger


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Shadowrunner - The Stranger


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Track listing:

  1. The Stranger part I
  2. The Stranger part II (feat. Trenton)
  3. One Night (feat. Trenton)
  4. Vectogram
  5. Breathing Fire (feat. Trenton)
  6. Sunrise (with Primo)
  7. Alone in the Dark (feat. Trenton)


The Stranger is the story of a man whose consciousness slowly becomes dissolved and replaced by a dangerous personality hidden within his own mind.

The tale begins with the tortured and emotionally vulnerable protagonist suspecting that something strange is beginning to happen to him; that there is a nearly undetectable and threatening darkness looming in the lightless corners of his mind.

After he desperately tries to forge some semblance of a meaningful connection with his love interest, this darkness… the stranger… seduces him into relinquishing control.
This doesn’t go unnoticed by the woman, who struggles to reconcile her perception of who he really is and what’s happening to him. Despite the dark stranger’s promise of relieving the man of his pain and providing him with confidence, resilience, and unconditional love, it imprisons him in the dark forever within his own body.