Ocean of Time: Oblivion 12" Vinyl

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Ocean of Time is the story of two lost souls unable to find equilibrium with modern society while living in a misanthropic metropolis. They feel out of place in a world on the edge of collapse… a world fueled by apathy and greed.

One day, they happen upon an announcement in the city square: the megaconglomerate giant Cryogenesys Corp is seeking “Temporal Adventurer” candidates to undergo cryogenic hibernation that will awaken them 1000 years in the future in exchange for meeting all of their needs and wants upon their awakening in the year 3023.

After a period of excited grappling with this prospect, the pair decide that the potential rewards of this adventure far outweigh their miserable life in the modern age; that Cryogenesys could potentially provide answers to their unanswerable existential questions.

They decide to undergo the process and apply…

893 years in the future. The year 2916.

The pair awake due to catastrophic mechanical failure in their cryosleeves. To their horror, they are the only two souls that have survived the hibernation procedure.

Everything is gone. Everyone is gone. Nothing of humanity’s mark on the world is left, save for the ruins of civilization which have been reclaimed by nature. As far as they can surmise, there is no evidence that remains for what could have caused the collapse.

Some time later… after shambling together a shelter near the shoreline and establishing that there are still accessible flora and fauna, as well as fresh water from a nearby tributary, the pair realize that they have a decision to make…

Do they attempt to Rebirth a small human society in this new world and give their species a second chance?

Or do they determine that the world humanity created in the past was a disaster filled with greed and pain? Should the human race be allowed to fade into Oblivion?

With Ocean of Time, the choice is yours.

Which path will you choose for humanity?
Rebirth? Or Oblivion?