Sand City - Our Studio

The core of helping get new artists “out there” is our studio.

It’s not Abbey Road.

However it is equipped to create music from scratch to a pro level.

People can get lost in equipment and technique, to mask the fact that they can’t actually write great songs.

We work with artists who have great songs in their heads, but don’t have a way of translating that in to sound.

That’s why we don’t charge for using it, nor do allow just anyone through the door.

  • 24 Simultaneous recording tracks
  • Proper microphones
  • Vintage and modern, analogue and digital, synthesizers from Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Access, Nord and Behringer
  • Full Roland Cloud and Arturia software suites
  • Able to use Logic Pro, Reaper, FL Studio & Cakewalk DAWs
  • In house HQ Cassette, CD & MiniDisc duplication
  • Use of some of the finest cassette decks ever made, to add that analogue “warmth”
  • In house, published, producer / engineer