About RMR

If you’re a music lover, all you need to know is when you see the RMR logo on a release it will have fantastic new music on it, and it will be the best quality available. Simple. If you’re listening to an RMR release, you’ve got your finger on the pulse better than any major record label. You are ahead of the curve.

If you’re an artist and wondering how to work with us, read on…

So what are we all about?

Well, it’s never been easier to make music and “get it out there”, but the 3 things you need to “break big” haven’t changed:

Money, contacts & luck

Once you had to pay for studio time, get a demo done, then get it in the hands of the right people.

Then you had to either hope that someone would take notice, sign you and produce your album, or you self published it and tried to send it round local shops and radio stations hoping to get some traction.

That’s if you’re able to pay for a studio and engineer or are able to create it in your own studio…

If you are, it’s relatively easy. You upload it to the streaming services, Bandcamp et al. Do some posts on your social media pages, drop you links in the worthless “Unsigned / Independent Music” Facebook groups and voila! Instant success. You know that Sony / Universal / Warner execs hang out in those groups just looking to give out records contracts…

If that’s what you think, then a heavy dose of reality is needed. Like anything in life, it doesn’t matter how good you are or your product is, if nobody knows about it and there’s so much music out there, lots are actively selling, but not many are actively buying.

There are literally millions of new songs being released every week and in order to sustain a living from music, you still need a combination of the 3 things you always needed: money, contacts & luck.

So you look at how well your music is streaming, and if you’re new, you’ll be lucky to get more than a few thousand streams per month.

Spotify pays $0.0032 per stream – so if you get 3000 streams per month, you’ll earn $0.96

To put that in to context, if you want to earn $4000 per month through Spotify, you’ll have to have 1.25 MILLION streams per month.

So you look at supplementing this with gigs and merchandise.


And here’s the thing. Human nature dictates that what was new, becomes ordinary, becomes boring…and so we look for something new.

We’re also hunter / gatherers. We like to collect things and we like to support people we like, so the sales of physical media is rising…and there is TANGIBLE money in this for the artists.

Red Manor Records specialises in independent artists. We exist to help create their music and then put it on to physical formats.

We then sell them directly online and fulfil them.

Don’t have a studio or don’t know where to start by turning that tune in your head into actual sound? That’s what our studio is for.

Once we’ve helped make your music real, we can then help you get your physical release out there.

We create the artwork in house. We master for vinyl in house too. We duplicate obscure, but growing, formats like cassettes & MiniDisc in house.

If you’ve already recorded your music and you want someone to stump up the money for physical releases and then use their influence to make you break? Trot on, that’s not what we’re here for. If you’ve already recorded your music and have never dealt with us before, then we won’t be interested in simply paying for your physical releases.

Let’s take a vinyl release for example. The minimum order quantity is usually 300 records. You need to have the artwork done and properly formatted. You need your tune mastered for vinyl, as this is quite different that for digital formats.

By the time you’ve finished, you’ll probably be looking at a £2000+ upfront cost for this. After that, you have to find a way to sell and fulfil it, so you’ll need a merchant account and a webstore to sell them in…these things aren’t free. And of course, there’s no certainty that the product will sell if you haven’t got enough fans. It’s a risk and one that many artists, with great music, don’t take…so they stay obscure and may well give up on their dream.

Here at Red Manor, we’re all about the music.

If we’ve helped create your music or have had you on one of our new artist compilations, we’ll help you get it on to physical formats. We’ll help you with getting it sounding the best it can through our studio. We’ll handle the artwork. We’ll take the risk and stump up the costs for physical formats. We’ll retail it for you. All we need from you is your music and creative input.

So the trick here…follow our Facebook Page where we put out calls for upcoming new artist compilations!


This is why we don’t work with everyone, as we need to be sure that your music is good enough.

Of course we’ll take a cut, but the bottom line is that getting your music on to physical formats has no risk to you by being with RMR. You have nothing to lose…

Oh, and we don’t cut corners. Our physical release are the best sounding in the world. Crap sounding music doesn’t do anyone any favours.

And we’ll help with the marketing.